MPs Want the Social Networks to Simplify their Novel-length T&Cs

By Gary Cutlack on at

A committee of MPs thinks the social networks need beating down a little more, suggesting they need to make rules clearer so the likes of us can understand who's going to end up owning and making money from our cat photographs, likes and location data.

The Commons science and technology committee says the government and the Information Commissioner's Office should come together to force social sites to use plain language to better explain their data collection processes, pointing out that today's online consent forms read like they've been "drafted for use in American court rooms" rather than put together to explain rules to us common folk.

Stating the obvious somewhat, the report concludes: "We doubt that most people who agree to terms and conditions understand the access rights of third parties to their personal data. The terms and conditions currently favoured by many organisations are lengthy and filled with jargon." [Guardian]