Nexus 9 Teardown: You'll be Sniffing Glue Trying to Fix It

By Gerald Lynch on at

Despite looking great on paper, Google's new "premium" Nexus 9 tablet proved to be a little underwhelming in the hand. It's a feeling that extends to the way the tablet has been built, with the iFixit teardown team revealing some disappointing results from its latest gadget-dismantling session.

Opening up the HTC-built tablet, iFixit found that copious amounts of glue are used in the Nexus 9's construction. While its plastic back is easy to remove, both the battery and screen are slathered in the sticky stuff, making them near-impossible to remove without damaging other components. It's also easy to accidentally knock the camera module free from the motherboard, while the teardown reveals loudspeaker components to be little better than those you'd find in an earpiece.

As a result, the Nexus 9 pales in comparison to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 when it comes to iFixit's repairability scores. While the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 managed to pick up seven and six marks respectively on iFixit's 10-point scale, the Nexus 9 is awarded a DIY repairability score of just three out of 10. [iFixit]