Nick Clegg's got £214m to Double Cycling Trips by 2020 and Save the NHS "Billions"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government has announced it's going to put an extra £214m into our cycling infrastructure over the next few years, with the ambition of doubling the number of journeys made on bikes in the UK by 2020.

As well as putting £114m into accelerating existing cycling schemes in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and Oxford, an extra £100m is being shoved into improving road conditions around the country, making it safer for cyclists of all abilities and bravery levels to ride among the White Vans of Death.

Clegg said: "The rewards could be massive. Billions of pounds in savings for the NHS, less pollution and congestion, and a happier and safer population. In government, we’re putting the money down: now we need the public and local authorities to jump on their bikes and get us to the finish line." [ via Cycling Weekly]

Image credit: Cyclist from Shutterstock