Northern Music Piracy Kingpin Jailed for 32 Months

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man from North Shields is behind bars today for his part in running a music piracy empire, with his Dancing Jesus site said to have cost the music industry £240m.

The BPI and Homeland Security division in the US came together to track down founder Kane Robinson and key uploader Richard Graham, with the site's forum said to be hosting around 250,000 links to illegal downloads when Robinson was busted back in 2011.

The prosecutor explained: "Dancing Jesus hosted links to more than a quarter of a million tracks, virtually every sound recording that had been released by the music industry during the life of the forum," with authorities claiming that up to £240m worth of music was shared on the site.

Robinson didn't get rich -- the money the 26-year-old earned was said to have been spent on maintaining the site -- he did it for the respect of the world's music-stealers. His 22-year-old uploading partner Graham was jailed for 21 months. [Chronicle]