Pro-Palestine Hackers Hijack Nottinghamshire Police Website

By Gerald Lynch on at

What's the best way to end hundreds of years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict? To hack the rarely visited website of an unrelated police force 3,148 miles away. Of course!

That's what a group of pro-Palestinian hackers going by the name AnonGhost have done to the website of the Nottinghamshire Police force.

"Hi UK police, where is the security bitches?," goad the hackers, "We are here to punish you since you have been supporting Israel because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!"

As well as a homepage takeover that combines imagery from the Transformers films with that of the anarchically-appropriated V for Vendetta mask, the hackers have also installed a catchy midi version of the Exorcist theme tune. I'd say it's well worth a listen, but the rozzers have already taken the page down.

"Law Enforcement is always going to be a valuable scalp to claim for anybody wanting to make a political statement, and the people behind this one certainly made an impact," said Christopher Boyd on security gurus Malwarebyte's official blog.

"It’ll be interesting to see if the hack was due to human error or outdated software."

Malwarebytes point to the fact that the site was running Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) which has a number of associated vulnerabilities which may have lead to the hack. No confirmation yet however on what allowed the hackers to take control of the site. We'll keep you posted.