RealPlayer Cloud Will Now Stream Your Personal Video Collection to Xbox One and Macs Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've all become accustomed to the convenience of streaming services -- no bulky DVD boxes, no scratched discs and instant playback, provided the internet connection is up to the task. But unless you're comfortable setting up a DLNA connection or home server, streaming a personal video collection can be a little more complicated. The RealPlayer Cloud app, popping your videos up in the cloud, makes streaming your own movies foolproof, and today it casts its net wider with Mac OS X compatibility and a dedicated Xbox One app.

In addition to the OS X and Xbox One compatibility, RealPlayer Cloud apps are also available on iOS, Android, Kindle, Roku boxes and the Amazon Fire TV, with the service also compatible with Google's Chromecast. To mark the service's one year anniversary, RealNetworks is offering a souped-up 365GB storage plan for new users from today, priced at £3.99. [RealPlayer Cloud]