Remotely Spy on Your Own Home With MyDLink Internet of Things Sensors

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you've ever left a light on indoors before going on holiday for fear of falling victim to a break-in, D-Link's myDLink Home Smart devices could be bring you some much needed peace of mind (and keep your electricity bill down too). A complete suite of home automation and security devices, you'll be able to monitor your pad from anywhere in the world -- and trigger a few tricks to scare off any wannabe intruders too.

Consisting of a motion tracking camera, a standalone motion tracker, a smart plug and a Wi-Fi range extender that can link up to your stereo, the range can be controlled and monitored from the iOS and Android myDLink Home app. The app lets you assign "If This, Then That" rules to each networked device -- should the motion detector sense movement in front of it, or the camera detect a loud crashing noise, the smart plug can be automatically activated to turn on a lamp plugged into it, for instance.

While the home security capabilities will obviously be a big draw, the app and associated devices are also flexible enough to serve multiple purposes -- the smart plug could track power usage and intelligently turn off once a threshold has been hit, or a wave in front of the motion detector could trigger playback from your favourite music-playing application.

The Music Everywhere Wi-Fi extender costs £49.95, the Smart Plug £45, the Monitor HD camera £94.95 and Wi-Fi Motion sensor £37.95. It'll get a bit pricey then, should you be planning on picking up every device in the range. But just imagine fending off would-be burglars with a motion-activated blast of Angels with Filthy Souls, like a gadget-powered Kevin MacCallister. [D-Link]