Russia Backs UN Anti-Surveillance Treaty, but UK and US Dont

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UN has passed a resolution that asks countries to guarantee the online privacy of their people, also urging governments to put some sort of compensation scheme in place to offer "an effective remedy" for those who have had their privacy ruptured.

German Ambassador Harald Braun told the debate that: "Where mass surveillance technology is used, a situation can easily be created where no privacy of communications on the Internet exists at all," adding that there's a risk we could turn into "Orwellian states" if privacy continues to be eroded at current pace.

The resolution isn't at the being-a-law stage, but a vote in December will, if passed, see all governments asked to introduce legislation that protects digital privacy. The UK and US don't appear among the list of sponsor states, and have apparently been fighting to limit the scope of the ruling. [AFP via Gigaom]

Image credit: Surveillance from Shutterstock