Scientists Create Ghosts in the Lab by Messing With the Brain

By Gary Cutlack on at

Real ghosts, or at least the perception that "phantoms" were in the same room, have been created by scientists, in an experiment that messed with the brain's location and spatial awareness abilities.

The test, which confused the brain by delaying responses to touch input, resulted in subjects experiencing and seeing odd presences in the room, as the brain, unlocked from its host body by science and a robot limb stroking the body's back, lost track of who's who and invented people and things to explain what was going on.

Swiss professor Olaf Blanke said of his team's test: "Our experiment induced the sensation of a foreign presence in the laboratory for the first time. It shows that it can arise under normal conditions, simply through conflicting sensory-motor signals."

Proving that, no offense meant or anything, if you think you've seen a ghost there's probably just something wrong in your head. [Telegraph]