Shop a Jihadist With UK ISP Terror Reporting Button

By Gerald Lynch on at

UK internet service providers have committed to rolling out a public reporting button that will let web users report online content that promotes extremist material or radical views.

The government has been in negotiations with BT, Virgin, Sky and Talk Talk about introducing the reporting button, which would work in a similar way to the system currently in use which allows the public to report incidents of child sexual abuse online. The ISPs have also agreed to beef up their web filters to catch material that could have a radicalising influence.

Speaking to the Australian Parliament in Canberra, David Cameron said that he would be urging UK companies to work more actively against extremism “including strengthening filters" and "improving reporting mechanisms”.

The Met already has a Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit, which identifies and removes on average 1,000 pieces of content in breach of the 2006 Terrorism Act every week.

The news comes shortly after new GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan claimed that large internet companies were "in denial" over the way their services are used by extremist groups. [Guardian]

Image Credit: Report concept from Shutterstock