Sony Will Take on the Pebble With an All E-Ink Smartwatch

By Gerald Lynch on at

Dialling back on its phone output and ramping up focus on PlayStation isn't Sony's only revised money-making plan. It's also setting up a new innovation centre to pump out quirky, breakthrough products. Hoping to strike it gold like the Walkman once did will be an all e-ink smartwatch, to be among the first fruits from the new R&D arm.

According to Bloomberg, Sony hopes to "emphasize style, rather than trying to outdo more technological offerings." In other words, it's not looking to take on Apple's Watch or the Android Wear family. It'll have an e-paper strap as well as screen, allowing the whole watch to act as a display, and change appearance as its wearer requires.

It's not a wholly original idea though. That image up top? That's the all e-ink FES Watch, which basically sounds identical to Sony's plan, allowing for low-power customisable faces and straps using a flexible e-ink band. Sony's dabbled with e-ink wearables before (check out the Smartband Talk) but this sounds a bit more like the adventurous Sony of old. Tipped for release as early as next year, it could be worth keeping an eye on.  Could it topple the Pebble? If its notifications match its alleged customisation capabilities, possibly. In the meantime, check out the FES Watch in action in the video below.[Bloomberg]