12 of the Best Nexus 6 Cases

By Spencer Hart on at

The days of a cheap Nexus phone are gone, and gone with them is care-free, case-free smartphone ownership. OK, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but at around £500 you're going to want to protect that six-inch beast.

Luckily for you we've collected twelve of the best cases to protect Google's new premium smartphone.

1.) Spigen Thin Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit is a classic polycarbonate shell which will protect your phone from minor damage without adding too much bulk. The case has a soft, non-slip texture so should stop the phone from jumping straight from your hands. Available in black, white, mint and clear. [Buy the Spigen Thin Fit for £9.99]

2.) Case-Mate Folio

Case-Mate's classic folio case, made from real leather, is the perfect case if you're looking to protect that gigantic Nexus screen. The folio is lined with microfibre and also doubles up as a stand, perfect for impromptu film-watching on the train. Available in black. [Buy the Case Mate Folio for £24.99]

3.) Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid protects your phone while keeping its original design on show. It guards the edges of the device with a TPU bumper and the rear of your 6-inch pocket pal with a clear polycarbonate panel. Available in slate grey, mint and clear. [Buy the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for £12.99]

4.) FlexiShield

If you were a bit disappointed by the bargain credentials of Nexus, fulfil your thrifty thirst with the FlexiShield case. At only £5.99, FlexiShield looks to be the cheapest case you can buy. Available in black, blue, white and purple. [Buy the FlexiShield for £5.99]

5.) Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a similar design to the Ultra Hybrid, but swaps out the clear polycarbonate back for more grippy TPU. An excellent choice if you hate the feeling that your phone is actively trying to escape your clammy grip. Available in gold, gun metal, silver and red. [Buy the Spigen Neo Hybrid for £18.99]

6.) Rearth Ringke Max

Now the Nexus costs a decent wedge of cash, a beefier case might be called for: enter the Ringke Max. This case offers heavy duty protection and dust caps to protect the ports, with a heavy-duty military aesthetic which I find quite pleasant. Available in black, grey and white. [Buy the Rearth Ringke Max for £6.99]

7.) Encase Armadillo Shell

The Armadillo Shell is another case for the more accident prone among us, featuring a tough exoskeleton (which makes it sound much more interesting than it actually is). The design provides a textured tread, creating a comfortable grip and helping you keep hold of your phone. It also houses a fold-out stand, allowing you to watch 30 second YouTube videos completely hands-free. Available in blue, red, orange, green and black. [Buy the Encase Armadillo Shell for £12.99]

8.) Rearth Ringke Slim

The Ringke Slim case is a very attractive, lightweight case to protect your Nexus 6 from minor damage. It's durable, features a raised bezel to protect the screen, and comes with a free screen protector. Available in white, black, mint and grey. [Buy the Ringke Slim for £6.99]

9.) Phocket Felt Sleeve

Looking for a simple, soft pouch for your new Nexus? Phocket is just what you're looking for, it's hand-made to order and the accent colour is completely customisable. [Buy the Phocket Felt Sleeve for £10.89]

10.) Navis Kangaroo Wallet

The Navis Kangaroo Wallet is a great looking, hand-made case straight from Berlin, Germany. The pouch is made from wool felt and vegetable tanned leather, which really compliment each other well. There's even space for a few rolled up bank notes, if you have any left that is. Available in dark or light brown. [Buy the Navis Kangaroo Wallet for £28.93]

11.) Happer Brown Leather Sleeve

Made from high-quality leather and constructed by hand, this lovely case from Happer will add a touch of sophistication to your new Nexus 6. You can get them in either brown or black, and holds the phone in place with a neat magnetic clasp. [Buy from Etsy for £27.14]

12.) Snugg Flip Wallet Case

Hardly exciting but definitely a good design, this case by Snugg will protect your phone, give it a stand on which to watch videos and store your bankcards, all in one neat package. [Buy from Amazon for £17.99]