Tesco Slashes Price of Unfortunately Named ISIS TVs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco is having a bit of a TV fire sale at the moment, slashing huge chunks off the price of one of its TV ranges. So if you don't mind having an ISIS logo in your lounge, a 22-inch inch LED screen can be found for as little as £64.

The ISIS TVs aren't available through Tesco Direct, presumably as a countermeasure to stop people on the internet thinking it may somehow be funding brutal terrorist groups via the medium of discounted gadgetry. If you head to a local branch, you might find one with a bit of masking tape over its logo.

Tesco claims it's just a coincidental price promotion, and is nothing to with the fact that some of its TVs appear to have been made by a terror group with a penchant for brutal murder. [Metro]