The Lumia 535 is Microsoft's First Non-Nokia Windows Phone

By Chris Mills on at

Microsoft has now officially buried the Nokia brand name with the launch of the Lumia 535, a low-end Windows Phone for emerging markets with the Microsoft name on the back.

Rather than debuting the new management with a bold new flagship phone, Microsoft is instead sticking to the tried-and-tested Lumia formula: bold colours, basic internals and a low price point. For €109 – which works out at about £85, though we'd guess it'd be a round hundred sterling if it makes it to the UK – you get a five-inch 960 x 540 screen, 1.2GHz quadcore processor and 1GB of RAM, all wrapped in a colourful (and removable) shell.

However, the Lumia 535 is targeted at emerging markets, where cheap Windows Phones have met with some success, which means UK release plans are yet to be mentioned. Indeed, according to Engadget, there's no plans to launch in the US at all. [Engadget, The Verge]