The Post-Launch Xbox One Feature Update List is as Impressive as it is Lengthy

By Gerald Lynch on at

Credit where it's due. Microsoft's Xbox One console got off to a shaky start at launch, and while it's yet to make up the ground lost to gaming rival Sony and its PlayStation 4, that's not for want of trying.

Microsoft's commitment to updating and improving its new console has been incredible this past year, and to hammer home that point, Xbox mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has put out a blog post listing every single new feature added over the last twelve months. Putting out a major collection of updates every month since February (not to mention the minor tweaks during the months prior to that), the list of post-launch feature additions numbers in the hundreds. Click here to check them all.

While the Xbox One still has some work to do before it's our go-to console this generation, it's a significantly different machine to the one that launched last year. Keep that in mind when you're browsing your local games emporium for an early Christmas treat. [Major Nelson]