The Random Scribbles On This Watch Face Actually Do Tell the Time

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you're a fan of obscure and hard to read watch faces, you've just found another addition to your collection. The sleek, $184 (£115) Ora Unica is all black save for a couple of white squiggles on the watch's face. It might seem like a non-functional fashion accessory, but if you look close you'll see those seemingly random scribbles actually do display the time.

The shorter arm of the scribbles displays the hour, while the longer one points to the current minute, like the hands on any analogue watch face do.

Check it out in motion, winding up like a a spool of thread. At first it's confusing, but it soon becomes obvious. You'll just have to accept the fact that your taste for style means that simply showing someone your watch isn't going to be enough when they ask for the time from now on.

Alas, the £115 price tag is just under Watchismo's free international shipping threshold, so you'll have to add a few quid to get it here, but not too much. [Watchismo via Fancy]