The Samsung Galaxy S6 Might Have a Double Edged Display

By Tom Pritchard on at

It seems that the Galaxy Note Edge won't be Samsung's last foray into a smartphone with a secondary 'edge' display, because new rumours indicate that the Galaxy S6 might come with two of the curved secondary displays -- or so claims an industry analyst.

IHD Technology's Jerry Kang predicts that the phone will be one step further than the design implemented in the Galaxy Note Edge by having two curved displays on each side of the phone. Kang also insisted that this was the original plan for the Note Edge.

This prediction comes following reports from SamMobile that claim the fact that the Galaxy S6 is code-named 'Zero', rather than Samsung's usual us of an individual letter, means that the phone is likely to be different to anything we've ever seen before. A dual edge display would certainly match that description.

It's worth mentioning that predictions by analysts are very different from leaks and rumours because they don't come from inside the companies themselves and don't have any hard evidence to back up the claims. Therefore they should be treated with more speculation than your average run-of-the-mill rumour.

One edge display seems like an interesting prospect, but what would two bee need for? It'd be interesting to see what Samsung implements onto the second display if the prediction turns out to be true. [G for Games via Digital Spy]