This Arc Reactor-like Bike Light Slots Round Your D-Lock

By Matt Hill on at

Having skidded past his £75,000 spring Kickstarter goal by the tread of a tyre, London-based designer and keen cyclist Paul Cocksedge has finished the first production run of his circular Double O bike lights at last. Which means that with stock sent out to those jolly nice crowdfunders, the less faithful now get involved.

Made of water-resistant polycarbonate and silicon, the delightfully minimalist yet versatile pair of Os are powered for up to 50 hours by three AAA batteries apiece. They give off their light through an array of LEDs – 85 lumens front, 50 lumens rear – and can be attached to your frame, helmet or bag with a subtle accompanying strap.

Each 65g, 83 x 74 x 23mm disc is also magnetic, so they can clip together when not in use, while the hole in the middle means it slides over a standard D lock rather snugly, keeping your Os secure enough that you don't feel compelled to carry them around with you when sans bike.

We're big fans of Paul Cocksedge Studio at Giz, his Vamp in particular a clever way to repurpose old speakers with precision and style. The Double Os, which we want just so we can make like Stark and wear them as imitation arc reactors (see below), race in at £20.83 each or £37.50 for the pair.

Ask for a couple for Christmas and they can even double as decorations. See, always thinking of others…