This Heat Map Visualises the UK's Best and Worst Mobile Coverage by Network

By Lifehacker UK on at

Want to know which network has the best 4G coverage in your area or, indeed, visual proof that you're in a dead zone? A new tool from using OpenSignal crowdsourced data turns the UK into heat map of mobile coverage.

Just enter your location into the search bar at the top of the map or use the zoom tool to explore different areas - red (hot) is a strong signal and blue (cold) is a poor one. The map will also display statistics on how signals is specific areas compare to UK averages; apparently, 4G users can expect about 12-15Mbps, while 3G is typically 1.5Mbps and maxes out at around 7.2Mbps

I had a play with the map and to my mind it looked very accurate, showing appropriately patchy coverage across my leafy London suburb.

The unveiling of the heat map coincides with Ofcom's latest report on the state of the mobile nation, which featured piercing insights such as: 4G is faster than 3G, and, mobile coverage is better in big cities.

Check out the new tool via the link below, or on the OpenSignal website, where you can also find apps for iOS and Android. []

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