This Incredible Award-Winning Wildlife Photo Was Shot by a 10-Year Old

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ready to feel miserably inadequate? The picture above, "Stinger in the Sun", winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 Grand Title, was shot by a ten year old. #Nofilter, and all that.

Carlos Perez Naval from Spain has been taking photos since he was five, focussing on wildlife shots. An obvious natural talent, the scorpion close-up (shot in Torralba de los Sisones, Teruel, Spain), was actually Carlos's first attempt at a double exposure shot:

The late afternoon Sun was casting such a lovely glow over the scene that Carlos decided to experiment with a double exposure for the first time so he could include it. He started with the background, using a fast speed so as not to overexpose the Sun, and then shot the scorpion using a low flash. But he had to change lenses, using his zoom for the Sun, which is when the scorpion noticed the movement and raised its tail. Carlos then had to wait for it to settle before taking his close-up, with the last of the light illuminating its body.

In the unlikely situation that you come across a scorpion in Blighty (bathed in an even-rarer warm British sun) and fancy trying to emulate Carlos's snap, his kit and settings were as follows: Nikon D300 + 105mm f2.8 lens (28–300mm lens for the background); 1/320 sec at f10; ISO 320; flash. [NHM]