This is the Public Pee Stain Typeface You've Been Waiting For

By Darren Orf on at

If you've been looking for that radical new typeface that will totally bring together than lackluster PowerPoint presentation, urine the wrong place. New York artist Aravindan Thirunavukarasu has created a typeface modelled after public pee graffiti.

The "Art of Peeing" was modelled after the artist's own pee calligraphy on walls around the city. CityLab was able to catch up with the creator for a behind-the-scenes look at his masterpiece.

"Those pictures (above)…are real pictures which I took after I peed on the wall. My source of the pee was to drink a lot of gallons of water and I was on a liquid diet for the whole project. I got dehydrated after the project, though, I cleaned up after."

Well, thank goodness for cleanliness. Thirunavukarasu describes his work as 'grappeeti,' a portmanteau of graffiti and the artist's affinity for peeing on things. "I used to pee on the walls of my city so I thought why not create a font." Yes, why not, indeed.

You can download the fonts for free, if, you know, that's something you'd want to do. [CityLab]

This Is The Public Pee Stain Typeface You've Been Waiting For