This is What a Police Raid on a UK RATs Webcam Hacker Looks Like

By Gerald Lynch on at

A 19-year old teenager from Liverpool has been brought in for questioning in relation to a Europe-wide operation to take down a computer hacking ring. You can watch the moment the National Crime Agency (NCA) raided the suspected hacker's home in the video below:

The teenager's questioning follows three related arrests in Leeds yesterday, and one in Chatham, Kent. The NCA also carried out similar raids in Estonia, France, Romania, Latvia and Norway today, with 11 people being held as a result of the operations. The targets were suspected users of Remote Access Trojans (RATs), which are often disguised in picture or video download links and give the hacker remote access to a user's computer -- including its webcam.

"RATS have all the information stealing characteristics of traditional malware, with the very nasty addition of having control over the victims webcam," Chris Boyd, Malware Intelligence Analyst at Malwarebytes told Gizmodo UK.

"This has led to them being used for some pretty nasty and tasteless purposes, which are invasion of privacy on a very personal level.

"This action by the NCA and its partner agencies sends a very strong message to those who thought they could evade prosecution and it's good to see such bodies working together to tackle a very real problem. People should take this opportunity to run an up to date anti-malware scan.  In addition, webcam covers can be bought online or simply covering the lens can help."