This Stuff is Basically Real Life Video Game Medi-Gel

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By Leon Hurley

It's the standard video game trope: the hero is injured, and a magic medical gloop fixes him up in seconds.

This is nearly that. Even the website looks like one of those Deus Ex fake bio-tech firms from Human Revolution's marketing campaign, right down to the motto: "Technologies in partnership with your body".

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 4.58.59 PM

Say it in a soothing TV voice:

"Technologies in partnership with your body".

"Technologies in partnership with your body".

"Technologies in partnership with your body".

It calls itself a 'Bioresporbable gel' and is made of plant polymers that can mimic human or animal biological processes. Okay it won't 'heal' you, as in magically make you better in an instant, but it will stop you bleeding in seconds. Those polymer components assemble and "mimic the body’s extracellular matrix", says the site. Effectively, the wound pulls out of the gel the components it needs to plug a hole: "our gel contains plant-derived polymers that mimic the cellular support system to effectively expedite the clotting process in a variety of connective and soft tissue injuries" says the site.

Basically, you plug it in the whole, and if needs be, leave it there. The body will just reabsorb it as it heals.  Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 4.51.00 PM

It's apparently super effective, with the comparison example given being that of a severed Femoral artery (the one in your leg, often game over if it's damaged). Where existing products to seal a wound could take five to ten minutes, this will take under 60 seconds. The video below explains a bit more and shows it instantly sealing a wound in a liver (maybe not watch that if you're squeamish). At the moment it's only being tested on animals but humans are the long term goal, with the idea that policemen or soldiers could carry a tube of it around to instantly fix(ish) a wound.

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