This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Finding something to watch is a strange business. In this day and age we have a seemingly infinite catalogue of films and television to watch thanks to on-demand services, yet I still find myself thinking that there's nothing to watch. There are literally thousands of things worth watching so what's up with that? Is there an app to help here? Probably, but I don't know what it is.

iPhone Apps

Translator Keyboard: Translation has never been easier. No more fuss of copying and pasting chunks of foreign text into a separate application. It's easy to swap between this and the normal keyboard, and with 44 different languages to translate to, and 32 languages to translate from, you've got a handy little tool. Now if only they could turn it into an ear implant... [£1.49]

20 Lines: A platform designed to let people write and share short stories anywhere they happen to be. You can write your own or find other people's for you to read, vote, and share with your friends. If you're having trouble looking for this, check out the trending hashtags to see what's popular at any given time. [Free]

Lambrini Bodyguard: An app designed to help keep you safe on a night out, Lambrini Bodyguard comes with a built-in unit calculator, so that you can see how much alcohol you've consumed, as well as information on local taxis and public transport. Also included is a built-in messenger so that you can tell your friends when you're head home via Facebook and text, and let them know when you've got home safely. [Free]

Ringo: Ringo is the app that lets you make low-cost international calls to any phone in the world. Now it's been updated so that you can see what the local time is or your contacts as well as a more in-depth call history that shows your call duration and costs as soon as you've finished each call. [Free]

Crop on the Fly: We all know that shooting a video vertically is a cardinal sin of the 21st century, but sometimes you forget. Holding it that way feels so damn natural after all. Crop on the Fly is there to help you edit your videos so that no one will ever know the atrocity you committed, plus you can alter the crop 'on the fly' so that you always get the right shot in the final product. [Free]

iPad Apps

Auxy: A great new way to create electronic music using nothing bit your iPad. Whether it's drums, bass lines, or synth melodies, it's simple to use and that's what makes it great. Sure it might not be as extensive as other music creation apps, but if you want something easy then this is what you should get. [Free]

Brushstroke: Artify your photos with Brushstroke, an app that will take the photos on your tablet and turn them into paintings with a single touch. Not just that, but you can have them printed onto canvas, framed, and posted to you. This new version has been optimised for iOS 8 and includes new painting styles, colour palettes, and canvases.

Folia: This one is a cross-platform app that lets you create, edit, and collaborate across multiple devices and saving yourself the hassle of having to email multiple files and descriptions to various people. It's similar to things like Google Docs but with a few differences, one being that copying and pasting to rearrange things is unnecessary: you can simply drag it around as you see fit. [Free]

Night Sky Pro: A great little app to help you understand the night sky and the basic principles of astronomy. See how the sky looked in the past, or peruse information about the sky above you, see the solar system in a 3D model, learn about deep-space objects, and engage with the wider astronomy community (subscription required). It's all new, more immersive than before, and perfect for astronomy enthusiasts everywhere. [£1.99 -- with subscription]

Next for iPad: Next is designed to make expenses easy and to help you keep track of them wherever you are. The thing about Next is that it syncs with iCloud across all of your devices, whether it be your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Whatever your expenses may be, keep a record on them here with a stunning interface which is a heck of a lot nicer to look at than a table of numbers. [£1.99]

Android Apps

TIDAL: TIDAL is a music-streaming services designed to offer high quality audio at CD level quality. There's 25 million tracks and 750,000 music videos available, all curated by TIDAL's in-house music journalists, artists, and experts. All to ensure you experience the music as the artists intended. [Free -- with subscription]

Continuity SMS/Text Computer: Being able to respond to text from your computer is all the rage these days, and ideally you want the best possible experience without paying a penny. That's where Continuity SMS comes in, it's an app that will let you view and respond to your texts immediately without delays and without having to pay. It is annoying that app does slap a signature onto all of your messages, and you do have to pay to make calls from your computer, but it's particularly useful if you can't be by your phone all the time. [Free]

Floatify: If you don't have Android Lollipop then you're missing out on a brand-new notification system, which is where Floatify comes in. Floatify will give you the Lollipop notification system that displays a head-up window from which you can interact with your notifications as and when they arrive. [Free]

Google Fit: Google's own fitness app designed to compete with the likes of HealthKit and S Health. Google's is similar to the rest, the app uses your smartphone to monitor your physical activity and analyses it for you in a way you can understand. The difference is that Fit is compatible with a number of ever-growing third-party apps and devices, meaning you can collect data like your heart rate and running activity through the stuff you'd normally use with it all being collected in one easy to view hub. [Free]

PC Mark for Android: A way for you to test the performance and battery life of your current phone and then compare it against whatever else is on the market. The best thing is that the app showcases real-world performance levels, not the stats that manufacturers showcase that nobody would ever achieve with everyday use. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Fitbit: The companion app for Fitbit's fitness tracker devices, Fitbit allows you to sync the data stored in your tracker onto your online profile as well as viewing all your stats in one easy to view place. New updates bring in Cortana integration so you can log your food, challenges allow you to compete with other Fitbit users, and Mobile Track allows you to use a Lumia smartphone to track your steps -- instead of using a Fitbit device. [Free]

Microsoft XIM: Ever wanted to show off your photos but don't feel comfortable handing your phone out to a group of people? XIM will let you share individual photos or sideshows with other people by casting the photos to their phones. Better yet, they don't even need the app installed for it to work. [Free]

British Airways: This app is designed to make your flight experience much easier by letting you book in the app and storing your boarding pass for quick access. You can manage your flights, view departure and arrival times, and so on. This app has often been criticised for being out of date, and it seems the people behind it have listened because it's been rebuilt from scratch. We've got a brand-new design and interface to make the whole thing a lot easier. [Free]

ProShot: ProShot is more than just a camera app, it's an app that it far more advanced than anything else available. Not only does it do most of the things other apps do, it also lets you adjust a wide array of settings like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, aspect ratio, and more. There have been a massive array of new features in this latest update, so make sure you check them all out. [£1.69]

OneDrive: Everyone's favourite Microsoft-built storage service has been updated. Not only does the app now include functionality for business account users, regular users will also find an improved design that should be very easy on the eyes. [Free]