Trent Reznor is Working on a New 'Secret' Project With Apple

By Tom Pritchard on at

Following Apple's acquisition of Beats earlier this year it was unclear what Trent Reznor's role would be. As it turns out the former Beats Chief Creative Officer is still involved in the set-up and is actively designing new products for the company, in particular one that could apparently change the face of music streaming forever.

The Nine Inch Nails frontman said "I think that paying for music is a relic of an era gone by, and I'm saying that as somebody who hopes you pay for music. I've spent my life trying to make this thing that now everyone thinks should be free."

Apparently when Beats was bought by Apple they expressed interest in Reznor continuing to design products for the brand, and while he says he isn't allowed to go into details the project isn't about making music -- rather it's something related to music.

Considering there have been many rumours that Apple is planning on using Beats Music as a platform to enter the world of music streaming, it makes sense that the company would be actively working on something related to it. As for utilising Trent Reznor, it definitely sounds like a winning recipe. [NME]

Image: monophonic.grrrl via Flickr