Vodafone is Boosting 3G Signal to Reduce Signal Black Spots

By Tom Pritchard on at

While the government is currently in the middle of a consultation to try and sort out a system where people in the UK can get access to reliable phone signal, Vodafone has announced that it's expanding its own 3G network to try and accomplish just that.

As part of the network's £1 billion 'Rural Open Sure Signal Programme', 100 rural communities will be given access to reliable 3G signal. The programme is set to kick off it starting with Minchinhampton in the Cotswolds where Open Sure Signal units are being installed the boost signal.

Vodafone CEO Jeroen Hoencamp said,

"Mobile connectivity is an essential service for communities and businesses to thrive in today's digital world and support local economies. I am delighted to announce Minchinhampton as the first of the 100 communities we will light up."

Hopefully this move will encourage the other major networks to invest more time and money into improving their own infrastructure. [Digital Spy]