Watch a 55-Day Overhaul of the Largest Passenger Plane in Two Minutes

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Emirates' very first mammoth Airbus A380 has racked up some crazy stats since first being delivered to the airline back in 2008. And after 3,000 takeoffs, 12.5 million miles, and 1.2 million passengers, it's no wonder the plane's first major checkup took a total of 55-days. Thanks to the magic of timelapse, though, you get to watch the whole thing go down in under two minutes.

The 550-tonne beast was stripped of a total of 1,600 parts during the process, including the four 6.7-ton neengines. After inspecting the engines and essentially replacing the entire cabin, "it's like having a brand new A380". And come about 2020, they'll have to do the whole thing all over again. [Digg, Australian Aviation]