Watch This Carrier Drone Lets Another Craft Take Off From It

By Jamie Condliffe on at

As if launching one drone alone wasn't good enough, hobbyists at Flite Test have decided that a drone carrier is totally a necessity in the UAV world. Yep, this video shows one drone take off from the back of another.

The carrier drone is a modified quadcopter, with four rotors supporting a long, rectangular strip. Sat on the back is a small aircraft that takes off from the launchpad. The carrier clearly struggles a little bit with balance (it's a good job that the second craft is quite small) but sure enough, it makes it reliably into the air.

So, when can we expect a full-grown version? Likely not for decades. Quadcopters, after all, are massively power hungry. Indeed, Popular Science points out that a human-sized version would require "the same amount of force as that generated by some 70 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters to lift it into the air." So we're in for a wait, then. [Popular Science]