Website Lets You Beam Up Your Own Customised 'Star Trek' Merchandise

By Gerald Lynch on at

To paraphrase Star Trek grease-monkey Scotty, "ye cannae change the laws of physics, but ye can build your own Star Trek-themed merchandise". Och aye! has just opened for business, letting you build your own t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, tablet covers and posters using everything including stills from the shows to schematics of the many ships seen across Star Trek's near-fifty year history.  The original Shatner / Nimoy series is covered, as is Professor X's Next Generation crew, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and the Star Trek / Quatum Leap crossover that was Enterprise. The only things missing are designs and characters from J. J. Abrams' latest pair of films.

Those that partake in real-world Starfleet dress-up can also use the website to design unique insignia covered gear for their made-up, convention-bothering battalions.

It's all officially licensed stuff too, which should mean it'll come in at a higher quality than the tat you'd get if you were trawling through eBay. Prices start at £6.99 for a mug, going up to £34.99 for hoodies. [StarTrek.Merch-Maker]