What are the Chrome Browser Extensions You Can't Live Without?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's Chrome may not be the prettiest web browser out there, but it's without a doubt the best. Well supported across pretty much every single platform (mobile or desktop) that you could care to put it on, much of its appeal lies just with how customisable it is.

Perhaps the most useful customisation feature is the ability to download extensions from the Chrome Web Store, letting you top up Chrome's baseline functionality with add-ons specific to your needs. And there are thousands of them.

Just today, I was looking for a way to add highlighter-pen like notes to a page, and within seconds was able to add the Super Simple Highlighter to my personal build of Chrome. I'm always experimenting with Chrome extensions, and tend to have a core two dozen that I now couldn't live without, from a simple Gmail checker to a button that lets me push web articles directly to my Kindle. I've even got one that tells me what's playing on BBC 6 Music, my favourite radio station, for when Shazam lets me down.

So, over to you: what Chrome extensions can't you live without? Which secret extension have you unearthed that, if only the world knew about it, poverty and hunger could be eradicated, peace in the Middle East finally brokered and intergalactic life finally contacted? Share your favourites in the comments section below.