What if Apple Designed The Beatles' Album Covers?

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's an often-made mistake, but Apple Records which put out The Beatles records has nothing to do with Apple inc, makers of the iPhone. Which is a shame in some respects -- both The Beatles and Apple have a keen eye for design, and both fundamentally changed the music industry.

So what if the two had, in fact, been partners? While the songs would have remained the same, the album sleeves certainly wouldn't have. Superfi has had a go at recreating The Beatle's album covers in the Apple style. While the With The Beatles sleeve is bit tongue in cheek, the others are actually pretty clever. Check them out below. [Superfi]

With The Beatles (1963)

A Hard Day's Night (1964)

HELP! (1965)

The White Album (1968)

Abbey Road (1969)