Why is the Nexus 6 Secretly Hiding an LED Notification Light?

By Chris Mills on at

When it comes to smartphones, Easter eggs normally mean a hidden drawer of emoji, or maybe the ability to make the voice control sing you a song. But in the case of the Nexus 6, it means that there's a hidden LED notification light, fully functioning, but deactivated and hidden from view by Motorola.

The light was found by XDA developer JMUT, who wrote his findings up on Reddit. Activating the light isn't the simplest process — it requires you to root the phone — but once you've rooted, JMUT found that the Light Flow application will let you control the brightness and colour of the LED.

This is obviously good news if you're a would-be Nexus 6 owner who would miss the obnoxiously-blinking light in your life. But it's also a little bizarre — why would Motorola bother including the LED in the phone, but then deactivate it and not bother mentioning the feature to anyone? Conspirary theorists, over to you. [XDA via Reddit]