Would You Eat Pizza Hut's New Curry Crust?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Pizza Hut, purveyors of dough-based heart attacks, have created another crime against cholesterol levels. In the US, it's preparing to introduce a "curry crust" as an option on its pizzas. Someone needs to tell the Pizza Hut head chefs that, just because you physically can put a topping on a pizza, doesn't mean you always should.

It's part of a wider menu makeover for the chain, which will see new additions like garlic Parmesan sauce offered along with fresh spinach and cherry peppers. There will also be updated "skinny" options for those watching their waistlines -- though who could ever resist the curry crust? No word yet on whether the curry crust will make its way to the UK yet, but considering the abomination that is the "cheeseburger crust" is already offending tastebuds on our shores, there's a good chance this will in time arrive too. [Pizza Hut]