You'll be Able to Control Your Sonos With Your Smartwatch

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

The number of smartwatches on the market is growing by leaps and bounds, but we're still waiting to see just how many clever integrations our wrist-borne companions will net. It seems we can add Sonos to the list, for one.

Over on the Sonos Forums, a user named Robert reports that Sonos is beta testing compatibility with Android Wear—so you'd be able to control your music via your Moto 360, for example. Meanwhile, Dave Zatz reports that Sonos is also working on a lockscreen widget for iOS.

You'll Be Able to Control Your Sonos With Your Smartwatch

Image via Robert on Sonos Forums.

More integrations for Sonos users is great news, but it's also interesting to see how third party companies will choose to engage in the smartwatch trend as it grows—there are doubtless countless other Android Wear integrations still to come. Whether all of them will be useful is another story entirely, but Sonos is a great start. [Zatz]