£250k Gold Plated Road Bike is Definitely the Most Expensive One at the Traffic Lights

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forget buying the Porsche or the Ferrari, blowing your life's savings on a bike and £140 on a pair of shorts is the new mid-life crisis milestone. Hence this, the gold-plated road bike for the man who has everything except a gold bike.

Maker Goldgenie says that the entire bike, including "every ridge of the gear chain" has been plated, even though that's bound to rub off the cogs the first time Elton John wobbles to the bottom of his garden on it. And if that's not posh enough, it'll have some diamonds stuck on it before sale too.


Being coated with 24 carat gold means it's likely to be a bit tougher to ride than a comparatively cheap carbon model or even a £99 ultra-low grade Chinese steel Halfords clunker, so it's best saved for occasionally rolling around between hotels in Monaco. If, indeed, that is how you roll. [Goldgenie]