3D Printed Prosthetic Paws for a Disabled Dog Will Melt Your Heart

By Gerald Lynch on at

Meet Derby, your new favourite dog. Found at the Peace and Paws shelter home by Tara Anderson, CJP of Project Management at 3D Systems, Derby hadn't had the best start in life. Born with deformed front legs, Derby couldn't bound about like other dogs, with his small limbs too weak and short to properly carry his weight.

Being found by Anderson was quite a stroke of luck for Derby though -- 3D Systems specialises in 3D printing, and using a variety of 3D technologies, were soon able to produce a bespoke pair of looping tread-grip equipped front legs and paws for the dog.

Now able to run two to three miles with his new adoptive owners, Derby's story highlights the superb potential 3D printing offers -- the ability to quickly iterate on small modifications, affordably fine-tuning a product to suit the precise needs of its owner. In this case, that owner is a very plucky pooch with a very cool set of new plastic paws. [IFLScience]