A Lockpick School in a Box Gets You a Degree in Breaking and Entering

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's assumed that lock picking skills are really only useful for nefarious purposes. But in reality they could facilitate an emergency escape, or even let you back into your home if you lose your keys. And this Lockpick School in a Box makes the learning process a little easier by getting progressively more difficult.

A Lockpick School In a Box Gets You a Degree In Breaking and Entering

The $100 (£63.69 without UK shipping) kit actually includes a set of five locks to practise with. The first has just a single pin that lets you get used to using the included picks and tension tool, while each successive lock introduces an additional pin and an increased challenge until you graduate by picking lock number five. And an unofficial degree in lock picking will certainly open lots of doors for you. [Maker Shed via The Green Head]