A Retro Analogue Voltmeter Clock Perfect for a Mad Scientist's Lab

By Andrew Liszewski on at

With a delivery date of sometime in April of 2015, this extra-analogue clock unfortunately isn't going to arrive in time to be the perfect Christmas gift for the mad scientist on your list. But for those with patience and a soft spot for vintage machinery, the AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock seems like it could be worth waiting for this Kickstarter to reach its funding goal.

A Retro Analog Voltmeter Clock Perfect For a Mad Scientist's Lab

Engineered with a pair of analogue readouts instead of a digital LCD display or even a traditional round clock face, the AWK-105 is still reasonably simple to decipher. The readout on the left indicates the current hour, while the readout on the right handles minutes. Both needles also automatically reset and jump back every 60 minutes or 12 hours, so the most interaction required is occasionally swapping in a new AA battery.

A Retro Analog Voltmeter Clock Perfect For a Mad Scientist's Lab

The folks at Awkward Engineer Creations are hoping to raise just $5,000 (£3,200) through Kickstarter to bring the AWK-105 to life, and since the company has successfully realised other creations, there doesn't seem to be much risk here—except maybe impatience. A donation of just $60 ($39) will eventually put one of the clocks on your desk, but if you'd rather hold off until these are rolling off the assembly line they'll probably sell for closer to $80 (£51) post-Kickstarter. [Kickstarter]