Amazon Instant Now Has 4K Streaming Capabilities

By Kate Knibbs on at

Users in the US of Amazon's streaming video service just got an upgrade to their content. Starting today, Prime Instant Video offers 4K Ultra High Definition streaming at no extra charge, so people with compatible TVs will have the option to watch Transparent and a limited selection of movies and television in 4K HD.

A number of Sony Pictures movies like American Hustle and Godzilla are immediately available, and Ultra HD movies are being sold for $20 (about £12).

Netflix and YouTube already offers 4K streaming, so Amazon is playing catch-up to its biggest streaming competitors. But other than the streaming services, it's hard to find stuff to watch in 4K.

Of course, the percentage of Amazon Instant users this will impact is small right now, because compatible TVs are still pricy. As for us on this side of the pond, there is no word at the current on Amazon may widen the service – but we always eventually get that same stuff trickle down. [Amazon via The Verge]