Amazon Now Offers One-Hour Delivery in New York City

By Jamie Condliffe on at

So you caved into Dermot O'Leary's dulcet tones on the Amazon Prime advert, signed up, and exalted in the fact that you now have one-day deliveries at your disposal. Great? No! Amazon is now offering one-hour deliveries, as long as you live in New York.

The new service, called Prime Now, will provide one-hour delivery for a range of "daily essentials". The service launches in Manhattan today, and the company says it plans to introduce Prime Now to additional cities across the US in 2015.

Prime Now — available just to Prime subscribers — will ship books, toys, and other everyday items to your home within one hour, for $8 (just over a fiver). There will also be a two-hour delivery service that will be free. 

The scheme will roll out to other cities in the US in 2015. There's no current word on whether the scheme will ever make it beyond the States, but if it were an option, would you sign up? What could you order that you might need in such a short space of time? [Amazon]