Android TV May Support Live TV Someday

By Sean Hollister on at

Android TV is currently an unfinished operating system for a broken set-top-box – the Nexus Player – a device not currently available in the UK, but one that we may well get at some point in the near future.

No great shakes on availability, though, the device is not amazing; we wouldn't touch it if we were forced to right now. But it looks like Google's planning to introduce an intriguing new feature: the ability to watch live television.

Google has published a new app to the Play Store called "Live Channels for Android TV", and while it can't actually be downloaded to a Nexus Player right now, the app claims it'll allow users to watch all their favourite live programming, pulling it down from the internet or using a bonafide TV tuner, according to the app description.

Android TV May Support Live TV Someday

Since the Nexus Player doesn't have a built-in tuner and your typical cord-cutting set-top-boxes rarely do, that points to Android TV likely becoming the operating system for some actual televisions sooner or later. And when it does, it looks like this app could be pretty handy, giving you information about what you're watching, change your settings, or even watch the game picture-in-picture while you do something else in the background. Colour us intrigued.

But we don't know when this app might actually be available for those lucky(?) people that own the devices Stateside. It claims to already be "installed" on Nexus Players, but that doesn't appear to be the case being put forward by current owners. "No plans to announce just yet, but stay tuned for more!" says a Google rep. [Google Play via The Next Web, Android Police]