BBC Three is Closing and Moving Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC has published its proposals to stop broadcasting BBC Three on the proper telly and turn it into an internet-only thing, claiming the £50m it'll save from screening shows over the air will be reinvested in making the internet channel a success.

The BBC will look to experiment with different programme lengths and formats through the online channel, with content said to be based around the two themes of "Make Me Think" and "Make Me Laugh".

The money saved will also be used to add an extra two hours of programming to CBBC and launch catch-up channel BBC One + 1, as the BBC says good old BBC One is still the most popular channel among the younger viewers that were targeted by BBC Three.

Director general Tony Hall says: "By searching out new ways to engage and entertain young audiences on their terms, the new BBC Three will be a great example of how we can reinvent the public service for the digital world -- using their talent, appearing on the platforms and devices that they use and talking to them as equals and partners

The BBC Trust still needs to approve the move before it actually happens and will have to launch a public consultation before making any decision, such is the gravity of the change. [BBC]