Black Mirror Christmas Special to Bring Twitter Blocking to Real Life

By Matt Hill on at

Charlie Brooker's occasionally thought-provoking, consistently depressing modern-tech-taken-apart drama series Black Mirror is heading back for a full-length special in time fill us with Christmas cheer. Its topic? Twitter-blocking people in real life.

Black Mirror: White Christmas, which is the first portmanteau-style horror anthology in the show's history, will land on Channel 4 on December 16th with heavyweights Jon "Mad Men" Hamm (pictured) and Rafe Spall doing their best to creep us the hell out.

Talking to men's mag ShortList, Brooker explained:

"Jon and Rafe play characters that we first encounter in remote outposts. They're sharing the stories of how they got there… Because it's constructed as three short stories with an overarching narrative, it's difficult not to blow the ending for you, but I can say that one story happens in a world where you can block people in real life, the way you can just delete people permanently. If they're trying to make amends, you're not going to know."

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it was to be expected, really. Black Mirror has previously taken its satirical side-swipes at a load of our favourite pastimes, from YouTube and Kinect to creating clones of dead partners based on their internet habits.

Brooker, who now has 861,000 followers on Twitter, also had this to say on the social network in general:

"Peter Serafinowicz described it as a 'sentence contest', which I thought was perfect. It is very competitive. If I tweet, 'My balls hurt' and a few hours later Noam Chomsky retweets it, I'll go, 'Ooh Noam Chomsky liked my balls tweet, I'll do more balls material.' It encourages you to behave in a particular way."

While you're pondering that, have a quick shufty at this trailer…