BT is Buying EE for £12.5 Billion

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember all that talk about BT wanting to buy a mobile network and having to make a choice between EE and O2? That's all sorted now. But rather than bringing home the artist formerly known as BT Cellnet, BT has opted to buy EE for £12.5 billion.

According to BT the acquisition of EE will "enable BT to accelerate its existing mobility strategy" to "combine the power of fibre broadband, Wi-Fi and 4G." BT has also confirmed that the previously announced plans to provide businesses and consumers with enhanced fixed-mobile converged services will continue as planned.

Following the acquisition, EE's owners Deutsche Telekom and Orange will receivea respective 12 and four per cent stake in BT. Deutsche Telekom will also be entitled to appoint one member of BT's board of directors.

But what about the fate of O2? Well from what I hear Three has been sniffing around to get its hands on whoever BT didn't pick.

So now the UK's biggest telecoms company is set to take ownership of the network with the most spectrum and 4G coverage. I doubt it's going to be long before we start seeing BT Infinity adverts offering a super fast fibre and 4G bundle. [The Register]