Build a Tiny Version of Those Pricey Word Clocks On the Cheap

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you're enamoured with the Qlocktwo's clever word-based approach to displaying the time but not to the point where you're willing to drop £636 on one, here's a much simpler and cheaper alternative you can build yourself.

Designed and engineered by Daniel Rojas, this take on the wordy clock requires just an Arduino, an 8x8 LED matrix, and the ability to print on transparencies which most home inkjets are more than capable of.

The Micro Word Clock works exactly like its larger counterparts, you're just trading the ability to easily read it from across the room for a thousand extra bucks in your pocket. And if you're able to miniaturise and refine Rojas' design even further, you can turn this design into a sleek watch that will have you squinting at your wrist wherever you go. [Daniel Rojas via Hackaday]