Closed Phones 4u's Stock is Being Auctioned Off At Bargain Prices

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's brick and mortar shops have been sold, but what of the stock that once belonged to now-defunct high street mobile phone retailer Phones 4u? If you're on the market for a Christmas gadget bargain (and don't mind making a bit of space in the garage for some bulk-buy purchases), you can grab some old Phones 4u stock on the cheap at auction.

Administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers has called upon the John Pye Auctions house to get rid of the retailer's leftover gear. From smartwatches to Beats headphones and bulk stock of smartphone chargers, it'll all be up for grabs on the auction house's webpage.

Working through the stock in weekly batches, the first auction has now closed. But you can still see what sort of items have been on offer -- and the insane cut-rate prices they've sold for. £140 Beats headphones for £52? 50 Apple iPhone screen protectors, worth £600, sold for little more than fifty quid? Not bad going at all, meaning you should definitely keep an eye on next week's sale.

If you're still waiting on a refund from a cancelled Phones 4u pre-order however, keep dreaming -- the proceeds from the auctions will go towards clearing debts and paying missed wages to employees. [John PyeJohn Pye Auctions via Engadget]