Desolenator Uses the Sun to Purify Seawater

By Gary Cutlack on at

A worthy new crowdfunding project is taking on the ambitious job of solving the clean water crisis that affects large parts of the globe, claiming to use nothing more than the energy of the sun to purify dirty and salt water.

The Desolenator has no moving parts and needs nothing in the way of consumables to work, with each of the solar units apparently good for a 20-year lifespan. It's basically little more than a big, solar powered kettle, boiling and condensing water on a cycle, and using the steam from one boil to help heat the next.

It promises to produce 15 litres of clean water per day, and is already well on the path to being built thanks to having several years of prototyping already under its belt. The makers want $150k (£95k) to, ahem, kickstart manufacturing. [Indiegogo]