Don't Spend £19,000 On This Stupid Diamond-Covered Apple Watch

By Chris Mills on at

Hey, rich people: you know that £3,000 Apple Watch you already had your eye on? Forget it. This one is better, in every quantifiable way. More diamonds. Bigger price tag. An extra side order of diamonds to go with your diamonds. Oh, and you can even pay for it right now.

The diamond-encrusted digital timepiece comes courtesy of Mervis, who are no strangers to this kind of rampant publicity stunt, having pulled the same shit with a ($20,000) £12,000 iPad. The watch thing they've come with costs $30,000 (£19,186), and will be delivered sometime next year, assuming that Apple releases the normal plebeian watch on schedule. It apparently features 15 carats of diamonds.

Oh, and if you needed another clue that this is just Mervis's desperate plea for help: they called it the diamond iWatch in their stupid teaser photo, with the erroneous 'i'. So they don't even know what they're slapping their diamonds on, just that it's made by Apple and probably quite expensive.

I suppose, at least the diamond-covered watch is in some way justifiable compared to the glitzy iPad, because there are other diamond-covered timepieces out there in the world. But still. Spending near £20k on a smartwatch covered in diamonds, which you won't actually get until the middle of a next year, is a stupid move, I think. But what do I know. I'm not rich. [Mervis via CNET]