Ed Sheeran "Owes it All" to Spotify

By Gary Cutlack on at

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has come out windmilling wildly in support of streaming service Spotify, saying his generation of digital native fans expect to stream music rather than buy stuff -- and that's OK as he rakes it in through live ticket sales.

Sheeran was speaking at the BBC Music Awards, where he said: "My music has been streamed 860 million times, which means that it's getting out to people. I'm playing sold-out gigs in South America, I've sold out arenas in Korea and south-east Asia. I don't think I'd be able to do that without Spotify."

Sheeran also sort of agreed with Bono in claiming that the record companies are grabbing the fractions of streaming pennies to keep for themselves, adding: "I think Spotify are paying the right amount. We're just not seeing it, because the labels aren't making as much as they used to, so they want to keep a lot of the money that Spotify give them, and not pay it out to us." [BBC]

Image credit: Ed Sheeran from Shutterstock