Fixed Line Rental Rockets as we Switch to Mobile Messaging

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT, Sky and TalkTalk have come together to introduce simultaneous steep price rises for landlines, with line rental set to increase by five or six per cent this week. Increased costs now we're abandoning fixed lines is one possible excuse, although it appears they just like having more of our money.

Virgin Media increased its line rental fees by six per cent for new users last week too, with existing users set to get whacked at the end of February. Monthly fixed line rental through Sky is now the cheapest at £16.40 a month, followed by Talk Talk (£16.70), with Virgin and BT both wanting £16.99 a month to "rent" the bit of wire that's been outside your house since the 1930s from a company we used to own. [BBC]

Image credit: Phonebox from Shutterstock